Some of you might see my work on Twitter or on my site but you've never really heard me write about it, so I decided to start a blog. I love fashion blogs so much I thought "Why the hell not!"
This post is called #CompanyCollage because basically, I love Company magazine. One of my tweets went something like this: "@Companymagazine I'm gonna tweet you twice every day with my collages until I appear in your magazine". I know. Stalker. But sure enough it worked! I ended up on page 11 of Company's September issue with this cute collage (below) which I made a month or two ago.

It all started when I decided I wanted to record my outfit every day like a fashion blog, but instead use really vintage cameras. Obviously not all of the photos from your shoot will be 100% beautiful, but they all get printed anyway. Being an artist at university, I'm surrounded by inspiring people & got the idea to bleach photos as a background to collage onto, so that's what all my bleached collages are made of - the imperfect ones. I have this idea that nothing should ever be perfect. Imperfect things are so beautiful, and being an artist, anything is beautiful if you believe it is.

This collage is one of my all time favourites (Above). I think pouring on and letting the bleach dribble is an amazing way to spice up a photo! I got the idea to collage over the photo this way by coming across Valarie Roybal (Below) in a 21st Century Collage book. I love her vibrant colours and the way your mind tries to make pictures in the grey drawn strips. I could think of a million ways to interpret her work. That's what I'm aiming for, I want people to tell me what they see in my work instead of the other way around.

I'm so excited to blog about my other collages, stay tuned!
I post my art work daily on Twitter at @EmmaReay_ or if you want to see my portfolio please visit www.emmareay.wix.com/portfolio

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