Live for the Moment

Today was my first day back at uni after five and a half months summer holidays. I've been to Cyprus, been to Creamfields (my first festival) had a city break in London, turned 20 and had my first art exhibition. It was the best summer yet, but I couldn't wait to get back doing the things I love the most at uni. I'm now in my third and last year of my Fine Art degree and it's so scary! I'm really not ready to get serious and write an 8000 word essay on my work! I thought i'd talk through some of my summer work as a practice for my dissertation, I have about 50 of these 5x6 collages. Here's a few of the newer ones:

'Live For The Moment' was originally a photo from a disposable camera that I took at Creamfields at the last act on the last night. Unfortunately it was way too dark and all i got was a few men's heads, so I turned it upside down, poured some toilet bleach on and scratched it in with my nails. I love this effect, it looks like fire or a strange explosion. I think bleach really makes my collages stand out from every other one i've seen, the fiery oranges, reds and white bits are so different! (Please comment if you know someone else who does this, I'd love to see their work!)

I then collaged over the photo once it dried, with cut-outs from Company magazine. If you've been following my blog then you'll know that I love Company magazine. It is my life long aspiration to get a job there. Infact, I'd even pay to work there I love it that much! The magazine is so relatable in the way it speaks to me, it's the only magazine that features something on every single page that takes my interest. If you've read Company you'll know that there's a hash tag 'Company Collage' page which includes photos that people tweeted with #CompanyCollage of DIY collages made from the mag. This is basically what I love to do. I must have tweeted them about fifty Company Collages!

This is probably my most minimal collage. It's inspired by @Davidsmithart << Seriously, check him out! He explores colour through minimal collages, I just love it! Again I used a photo that didn't turn out right as the background. I thought it may be better than just plain white while still keeping very plain. 

I love to mix patterns in the way I dress, so I also do this in collages. I picked a few scribbles, fur, dots and text and mixed them with yellow and mustard shades (Patterns and text are from Company Magazine). Overall i'm happy with the composition, I take great care in placing my images. Composition is everything to me.

 My most recent project is a collage magazine - I bought a photography magazine from 1999 off Ebay for 99p and after being stuck in my drawer for about six months I decided to spice it up. I'm always inspired by artists on Twitter using pages from a book to draw on instead of a sketch book, so I'm doing exactly that! So far i've made a collage on nearly every page. My favourite (above) is a mix of fashion models from Company Magazine, Company's most famous (and my favourite) font, and part of my Creamfields ticket. It never matters what the text on my work says, all i'm interested in is the font. That's why the words in my art work often don't make sense.

I've recently got instagram on my new Iphone and i'm hooked! I lots of my art work every day, please give me a follow! emmareay_


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