Vintage 76

A few months ago I decided that I loved vintage photography, so after getting bored with my Polaroid I thought i'd invest in something new. I ended up buying a huge Olympia film camera which I took these photos with during our amazing heatwave. The camera overall is a bit of a bugger to carry around and the flash doesn't work so I've just been using natural lighting but I really love how the photos have turned out. I try to mix up my photography, I have two vintage cameras and I've recently bought a new Canon one, though I'm not sure which I prefer.

Although I starred in these photos & didn't take them, I love taking photos too & experimenting with different films. For the first photo I finished a film, then rewound it a few seconds and took two more, and that was the result. Cool eh?


When I go back to uni next week i'm planning to develop some film in the dark room and use some light sensitive paper and a few random objects to create some really wierd photos. I might even bleach the photos and see how they turn out. I'll be posting my experiments on here so keep a look out! Make sure you follow me at @EmmaReay_ for all my art and photography updates!


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