Beautiful Sights

EBAY sunglasses
EBAY crop top
NEW LOOK earrings
PRIMARK blazer
VANS pumps

These images are quite a few months old, they were shot in May at Huncoat Power Station on possibly the windiest day ever. The worn down building has great character and i would really recommend having a look (if you're from up north). There are three amazing floors and a rooftop, all covered in beautiful graffiti spray painted in every room. It was extremely hard to walk over all the rubble in high heels so by the time i'd got to the bottom floor I was wearing pumps! These are some of my favourite images - the graffiti is captured in all three photographs and I really love the lighting too! My outfit was picked randomly from my wardrobe the night before, I was going for something comfy yet smart and girly to contrast with the worn down building. I'd never normally wear bare legs in May, i'm more of an oversized t-shirt girl by day and pretty dresses by night.

Last weekend I went to a Midnight Society bloggers styling challenge. Me and seven other bloggers modelled two of the company's quirky slogan tee's each for a look book photoshoot which will end up on their website! On arrival, we changed into our first tee and styled it with our own clothes, had our makeup done and modelled the tee's on our own, in pairs and as a group. After that, we had a natter over pizza about our blogs, dream job and the latest tv trends. It was a fantastic fun filled day and I met some very lovely bloggers! (Photos are coming soon)

Love Emma xxx

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  1. The pictures shot in may is quite fascinating because of its imperial beauty. Some of the of Reddit will use these pictures because of the intense beauty in it. Moreover, i will share this blog too for the great snaps.


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