Brick Wall

I am really inspired by fashion bloggers and the way they have their own photography style, and especially when they take photos next to brick walls! Fortunately I have this amazing brick wall in my garden so I've been building up a collection of photos in front of it. I started a project over summer to get as much vintage fashion photography of me as possible so I had something to show my uni tutors when I came back (I also just loved having an excuse to buy a new really cool camera).

The black and white ones were taken a few months ago on a huge Olympia camera that i got off Ebay for 99p, and I also used an out of date film since I love imperfect photography. The colour photos below were taken just a few weeks ago on a disposable camera, and since developing them, I've scratched and drawn onto the film and am planning a trip to the dark room in a few days to expose them on light sensitive paper.

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