Cheating my way to art

Silk screen screen printing is a really easy stencil technique, which uses a screen with a pre-exposed image set into the silk, and surprisingly not very much paint, to create an amazingly accurate and neat piece of art. The technique is very easy, and some people may consider stencils cheating your way to creating a neat painting but who the hell cares! In my opinion it's the ideas that you team up with the technique that makes the piece work. I've been really interested in stencil graffiti ever since I chose to do my dissertation on graffiti, and I read Tristan Manco's book on Stencil Graffiti about a week ago, so I thought i'd share some scencils of my own!

To prep for screen printing I either head down to Paper Chase in Manchester and spend about £25.00 on cool brick or shiny paper, or create a collage with no main focal point. Then I find a photo I like online of a celebrity or model in a cool pose and Photoshop the image so it's plain black and white. After printing out the image and exposing it on a screen i'm ready to go! To transfer the image onto my patterned paper is really easy, you just pop the background under the screen, scoop some paint out onto the top of the screen and drag out the paint to the other side of the screen using a squeegee. And there you have it!

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