Finding Beauty on the Streets

Last week, as you know from my 'Under the Bridge post', I went to Manchester and found myself at some quirky surroundings. On my way back from The Manchester Contemporary I found myself in a run down back alley with decaying walls, discoloured bricks and strange graffiti -Yes I did have my photo taken next to a 5ft pinapple. There's nothing that I love more than graffiti in a deserted street or building. Actually, I love graffiti so much, i've chosen to write my dissertation on the subject! I'm planning to talk about Keith Haring, Jean - Michel Basquiat and Graffiti! Absolutely dreading writing 8000 words but it could be worse! I think... Here's a few of my faves from the day:
To see all my photos from the shoot go to:!whatsnew/c1gu7

Just around the corner from Manchester Art gallery is (wierdly) an outside wall with wallpaper collaged on it. Who knows why! Since I love brick wall back drops I thought i'd take a few snaps here. It did however smell like wee so I didn't get amazing photos... still, i'm happy! And loving the wierd sofa!

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