I had my first solo Art Exhibition 'Impulse' last month at Darwen Library, which was an amazing success! I managed to get a quote from Company Magazine to put on the flyer, since they've featured my work in their magazine, it read 'We loved your handiwork'. My work was displayed in the exhibition room and I featured a 21 piece collection of Impulse, around ten screen prints of fashion icons and abstract patterns, plus three mixed media abstract paintings and a few collages mixed with drawings on canvas.

Impulse basically describes the feeling I get when I rip up Company magazine and have an idea in my head to make something beautiful. It's second nature to find a quirky surface and arrange a few photos of fashionable women and text onto it. I think Company inspires me so much as it has a collage feel to it; the paper is not glossy and not matte, it's somewhere in between. The colours are slightly faded and the images and text are layered with grids from maths paper, or random scribbles made on Photoshop. I can relate to the style so much, which is why I try to recreate that style in my work while adding an arty twist.

On all of my collages, the backgrounds are actually my photos, taken on a film camera. These photos are the ones that didn't work out so good, so I ended up pouring toilet bleach onto them to create the burning fire effect. Then I choose the ones that can't stay plain bleached due to the composition, so I spice them up by making them into collages!

So that's a little insight into my way of thinking whilst making collages! 
Don't forget to see my website which I update often with new work! Please follow me on Instagram where I post my newest collages about 5 times per day (I know, i'm obsessed!)


  1. Love! Would of loved to have seen it, your Instagram is my fav so many new collages and arty things :-)

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