Here's to Ebay

Hiya everyone! 
Hope you're enjoying winter - the season of fluffy socks, Christmas and hibernating in your bed watching Breaking Bad. (Well that's what i've been doing for the past week anyway)

I thought i'd let you in on a little project I had going a few months ago, i'm unsure what to do with the images at the mo, they're currently sitting in a book in my studio waiting to be loved. I can't get enough of vintage photography as you may know, so when I saw a cute little Polaroid along with some out of date film going on Ebay for just £40 I had to buy it! 

I was going for cute florals and nature photos, just basically embracing the backgrounds that some people might not appreciate and show them in a different light. I love to try and beautify surroundings that I personally find interesting, like a field that people walk their dogs in every day, or a back alley near a bus stop that you glance at but never go near. I am heavily inspired by fashion bloggers but also the people who surround me in my studio space, and artists on Twitter and Instagram.

Love Emma x

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