If you have happened to come across my blog before, then you'll know that I am an artist. I paint, stencil, and make collages inspired by fashion. I have recently had my head in quite a few graffiti books since writing my dissertation so here's a list of a few artists I have discovered and love:

Blek Le Rat

Blek le Rat is possibly one of the most influential current graffiti artists of today. The French artist, born Xavier Prou sprays black and white stencils inspired by world war two, and his own life experiences and encounters. He aims to express visually the harsh social reality of his current city, by often using himself in his life size stencils of mainly figures. Blek Le Rat described stencil art as “A vital part of the evolution of art”. The artist who makes his own stencils by hand is most known for his black stencils of rats in Paris and New York which are known to bring up a taboo subject of wild rats living in New York. Le Rat wanted the public to stop ignoring issues and face up to and solve things such as homelessness and crime by making art. 

Le Rat was one of the main artists who I talked about in my dissertation. I love the pure emotion that leaps off that wall above. I have actually started to hate Banksy now that I have properly read into Blek Le Rat. Le Rat made this style first, and his stencils actually mean something other than "I want to be famous". Banksy you asshole.

Below are some more street artists that I have discovered since beginning my dissertation research. I found Fin Dac and Mr Brainwash whilst interviewing some current street and stencil artists who are still in practice. I find the best artists by asking other people rather than researching online, if you have any interesting artists that you think I will love, feel free to comment below.

Fin Dac

Mr Brainwash

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