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Hiya everyone! Hope you are all well!
I've been fussing with my 8000 word dissertation for over a month now, and i've nearly finished it! So I am over the moon right now! Today I also hung a shop window display in Blackburn which is part of 'Blackburn is Open' (Facebook it) and i'll be exhibiting my work as one of the twelve displays of Christmas! I'm so lucky to have this opportunity to exhibit my work, and I even get money for the materials I made it with! Happy Happy Happy!

My post is called Instagram this, because to put it lightly I just can't get enough of Instagram. Seriously is anybody else like this? Ever since I got an Iphone I tweet and Instagram every single piece of art work I do about a second after I've done it! I spend more time on Instagram than I do making art work (Which is what I do for a living!) At the moment, my favourite kind of art work which I produce is collages on bleached photos. Sometimes I flick through a collage book and make what I see out of fashion mags and newspapers, or sometimes I just rip photos out of magazines and make whatever's in my head! Unfortunately somebody stone my nib, so when I buy another one i'll definitely be inking on collaged photos too (which I LOVE!) 

I've also been organising an exhibition for late January with artist Antonia Hennerley and the top collage is a transcription piece which I made inspired by her work, and I am planning to exhibit this piece. I'll be posting a flyer on here closer to the time so keep your eyes peeled! EEEEXCITED!

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Love Emma xxx

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