Patchwork of Art

The other day I thought to myself "When did I last blog about my collages?" I've sort of been going off topic in my blog and showing all of you loads of fashion photography and no art work, so here's a few collages that I made a few months ago. If you havn't read my blog before then you won't know that I love vintage fashion photography. This style of collages started when I documented my outfit every day on a vintage film camera. Some images turned out great, however some didn't, but that didn't make me throw the images away, it made me work on them even more. On some of the photos I splashed paint, some I pored bleach, and some I collaged. I have this idea that everything can be art and there is never any bad art, it just isn't finished yet. My imperfections one day become a masterpiece. Below are a few collages made with this idea. Hope you all like them!

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Love Emma x

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