2013's Best Bits

Hey everyone!
I saw a post while scrolling down Bloglovin titled something like '2013 In Pictures' so I thought i'd make my own little post (in a random order) of all the best bits of this year, and it's been one hell of a year! I've had my first two art exhibitions, I got a 1st for my second year at uni, I've been to Cyprus and London twice and appeared in magazines! If next year is half as good as this year, I'll be over the moon!

This brings back memories! It was taken in August at my first art exhibition at Darwen Library. Here I am holding my flyer behind a few of my paintings.

Loving life right there... This is me in May when my boyfriend and I went to Cyprus for his 21st birthday. I love exploring a new country and taking day trips here there and everywhere. I think we got drunk for seven days in a row, that's a record for me!

In October I went to my first bloggers event where Midnight Society Apparel invited me and seven other bloggers to model their outfits for a lookbook for their website. I enjoyed every single minute of it and met some amazing people. I can't wait to go to another blogging event!

In November I was asked to design a Christmas art display for an empty shop window in Blackburn Town Centre which would stay up for three weeks. I was paid for materials and had a great time preparing some collages, stencils and one large painting.

In December I had a short exhibition held above The Art Centre in Blackburn. This exhibition was one of the events being held as part of the twelve displays of Christmas and was open to the late night shopping customers in Blackburn. There I displayed my newest art work as well as art by Antonia Hennerley. The photo above was taken by a lovely man who works for the Lancashire Telegraph.

In September and November I was featured in Company Magazine! I actually couldn't believe it when I saw the art that I tweeted to them inside their magazine. I still can't believe it now! In the first photo of Company, I redesigned their front cover in the style of Life Magazine and placed myself on the front cover (Top Left). On the image above I made one of my signature collages on a bleached photo, using Company and they said "We loved your handiwork" (Top Right).

I went to my first festival in August, which was Creamfields. Yes it was smelly and I had to sleep in a tent, but I had an amazing time and danced to some amazing artists! I dont think i've ever drank as much in one night as I did the first night! Oops!

Finally, for my 20th birthday in August I went to see The Lion King at the west end in London. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen and I really wish I could go again! Before I went I thought it may be an alternative version which includes the same characters, but it wasn't! They performed The Lion King word for word (Yes I know all the words to the songs), plus they added some additional scenes! And oh my god, the opening song was the most incredible and exciting thing i've ever seen!

I'd love to know what you guys have been up to this year! 
I'll be keeping a look out for everyone's 2013's best bits, thanks for reading mine :)
Have a happy new year everyone 

Love Emma xxx


  1. congratulations on all the wonderful things that happened! you're going places, girl :)

  2. Wow, I saw those magazines ages ago, so cool that you were featured! (: x


  3. Lovely photos! :D

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  4. Wow what an amazing year! <3 I would love to be in Company magazine sometime :)


  5. Looks like you had a great year!
    Cheers to 2014 and new adventures!


  6. Thank you everyone, I hope you all had an amazing year!
    I will follow you all :)

    Love Emma xx


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