Black on Black

Hi everyone!
Today I've been screen printing again! This week I made prints for a friend (photo 2) and she asked if I would print onto text, so that's why most of this weeks prints are full of writing! You may be wondering why the newspaper I have chosen is in a different language... Well, I use a lot of text in my work, however the words I use are irrelevant, I just like the font and shapes of the words. I find that people's eyes are drawn to the text in my work and they only see the words, not my piece of art that goes with it. So to solve this problem I have started to use this newspaper which my friend got me from Dubai, cool eh?

Just like in my other screen prints I have mainly used celebrities because I love people to recognize the faces in my work. I usually pick images done in a studio and with a strong pose as I find these more striking to look at. I have also found that only using the colour black is a lot more eye catching that using other colours, although if i had the patience, one day I would love to make a multi-layered stencil.

In addition to my theme, I made prints of my favourite blogger! As you may have guessed it's Kavita from She Wears Fashion! I am in love with this image of her and I really wanted to use it in my art, so I made three silk screen prints of her today. Two of which are photographs that I have poured bleach onto, scratched then stencilled onto. The other is a map that I picked up on my travels - I love using things that most people would throw away, although I don't particularly love recycling and being green, I sort of make up for it in my art work.

I hope you all like my art work! I am happy to make silk screen prints using other bloggers' photographs for free too! To request a print please email Please note preperation for this stencil technique takes a while :)
Comments are greatly appreciated!
Love Emma xxx


  1. These are amazing! Just discovered your blog from


  2. Tell me what you do when someone told you to write black or black. That is your basic plan to do, I don't worry about your papersowl answer because you have to show it to me if that have any of the words, I have no worry about it and become agree from your words.


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