Caught On Film

Photographs by Rachel Cottam at

I am absolutely in love with these shots taken on expired film by Rachel Cottam! I love the grungy feel brought by the exciting backgrounds provided by Manchester's Northern Quarter. The place is filled with little vintage shops and interesting graffiti around every corner. I can't believe I havn't been around that part of Manchester before, since I love graffiti so much, so I plan to go again very soon! I find the imperfections and colours that expired film provides to be very quirky and interesting. I love it! It almost makes the photographs look old fashioned.

The outfit I chose was mainly for comfort and warmth, although I had to get on the tartan trend! I love anything tartan at the minute. I just can't stop buying or adding tartan pieces to my wishlist... hint hint... My oversized Principles coat is so warm and comfy, I literally havn't taken it off since I got it! To say I've had loads of compliments on it, and the fact it was only about £13.00 from Ebay is amazing! Don't you just love Ebay?

Followers are greatly appreciated on Bloglovin! I've had to take my blog off and then add it again because of the name change on my blog so I'm currently lacking followers :( I always follow everyone who follows me :)

Love Emma xx

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  1. Your style is so cool! I love it! And your jacket is also really cute. xx


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