School Girl

Bowler Hat, Ebay
Shirt, Primark
Pinafore, New Look
Satchel, Topshop
Shoe Boots, Boohoo

Hiya everyone!
I've had this pinafore in my wardrobe for months and months, and I could never find anything to wear it with! Every time I picked it up, I layered it over a white shirt and then promptly put it back in my wardrobe after thinking I look like I'm going to school. I thought i'd post this outfit to see what you guys think about pinafores and I would kindly welcome any suggestions as what to wear with mine.

Also, I bought this bowler hat a month ago off Ebay and it's been a box ever since so I thought I'd let it out to play. It's my favourite kind of blue and It goes with my entire wardrobe! When the wind dies down I'll definitely be letting it come out more! I actually have no idea what shop it's from though, sorry guys!

I don't usually wear closed toe heels as high as these because my toes get squashed at the end, but these shoe boots are the comfiest heels I own! They're my go-to pair when I can't decide which heels go with which outfit. Plus they're copies of Jefferey Campbells, what's not to love!

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I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!
Love Emma xxx


  1. I'm exactly the same with my pinafore, I always feel I look like a school girl! I love the way you've styled yours though, it looks lovely and the satchel is gorgeous :) Melissa XO

  2. Very nice outfit <3

    Andera |

  3. this is the cutest outfit! love how you've jazzed it up with a pair of heels, it looks amazing

  4. So cute!
    I love preppy looks

    Shai xx

  5. You look too beautiful! Love this whole outfit xx


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