Today I spent my day making these silk screen prints at uni. In the past I have printed front covers of Vogue and other fashion magazines, and mixed them with different textures and interesting paper. Today I made a slight change and used some celebrities in my work. Rihanna is an amazing model and has some really edgy photos of her topless and smoking a cigarette, so I thought she would be perfect for my prints to look edgy. I also used Cara Delevingne again as she is my favourite model of all time! She's so beautiful and again, poses in some quirky ways so she makes my prints look even more cool! The paper I used was from Manchester, some from Paperchase and some from a cool craft shop in Manchester's Northern Quarter. I love how the paper spices up my stencils and how one stencil can look so different from another just by changing the background and composition.
Hope you like them! Comments are welcome and are always returned :)
Love Emma xx


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