Hiya everyone!

So as some of you may know, I held a solo art exhibition last night in an unused shop in Blackburn Town Centre. It was my last solo exhibition before my degree show in May which is when I leave university forever... scary! The night went really well (despite the rain). My cocktails went down like a storm, the room was full and everyone loved my work. I decided at the last minute to buy a little note book for everyone to leave their comments in, so at the end of the night I sat down and read everyone's cute comments. I'd just like to thank each and every person who came to my exhibition or anyone who has promoted my art, without you guys I wouldn't be where I am today. 
I'd love to know what you guys think of my art work and if you want to see more, take a look at my website here or follow me on twitter emmareay_

Love Emma xx


  1. omg your work is amazing!! i love it all.. congrats on the night being a big success! it looks like you had so much fun. keep up the great work - seriously, it all looks incredible. i'm a new fan!! :)

  2. Love your dress!

    It will mean a lot if you could check my blog and maybe follow me if you like ?!


    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  3. I love your dress and you can be really proud of yourself, you make amazing art work!! I love it :)

  4. congrats

    check out my new post
    please hit the recommendation button ... thanks


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