Clashing Patterns

Photographs taken by Rachel Cottam

 Fedora, Ebay
Statement Necklace, Next
Tshirt, Primark
Skort, Primark
Bag, Topshop
Sandals, Ebay

Hiya Everyone!
 I hope you had an amazing Easter! I was hungover for most of the day so I just sat watching TV with my Easter eggs. Today's just a quick post as I'm off to work soon. Easter Monday with highs of 19 degrees, I know... Kill me now... Today I'm sharing another post featuring photos by Rachel Cottam, Follow her on Twitter here. I loved changing the backdrop to something summery whilst getting my new summer wardrobe out! I'm featuring my favourite sandals again, I got them from Ebay for only £19.99 and they're so comfy! The platform is about 2 inches but they're really easy to walk in & I love them!

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  1. Love this outfit, I'm such a fan of clashing. I've been wanting to get some sandals like that for a while now but can't find exactly the right ones!

    Catherine xx

  2. i love the silhouette (and patterns) of this outfit! and those sandals look really pretty. want xx

  3. stripes and polka dots are the best together! so pretty!

  4. I love the whole outfit! Specially the skort and shoes :)

  5. Love clashing patterns and prints!!! This is so pretty - love the bag so much! xx


  6. The clashing prints look really great and you look gorgeous! Great post, I love your blog!!
    Good luck with winning the award :)

    Hannah x

  7. Love the mix of patterns!

    Cute blog, I just started following on Bloglovin

    Ally x

  8. Very cute outfit! Love the lipstick too :)


  9. This is so pretty :') just love the skort and bag really nice for Summer xx
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  10. Em, that pink bag totally suits you well! Love the overall outfit doll xx

  11. Wonderful look! Love those bright accents very much and adore the skort! x

  12. totally love this mix of prints!and love your sandals, they're so fab! x


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