Sheer Panel Dress

Earrings, Primark
Dress, Boohoo
Bracelet, Lipsy
Heels, Next

Recently I thought my wardrobe was lacking in pretty dresses. I always have lots of casual shirts and tops, though I only have a few nice dresses to wear to special occasions. I bought this dress from a second hand shop, but it's originally from Boohoo. I love the sheer panels around the neck and at the knees, It shows off a little flesh while still being a knee length dress that covers you up. 

This is the outfit I'm planning to wear to the opening of my degree show in June, where I'll be exhibiting twelve fashion collages as my final piece (Hence the name Collage Me Pretty). It only seems like five minutes ago when I started my art degree and now it's all over. If I could stay at uni forever I would. My degree has helped me discover myself and I could not have wished for anything better. There's been ups and downs but I wouldn't change a thing. Now i'm entering the world of 9-5 jobs and taxes. Wish me luck!


  1. your dress is gorgeous, I love the panel at the bottom!

  2. That dress is just so pretty, you look gorgeous Emma x

  3. Your so so so beautiful ! And the dress is just perfection on you xx

  4. This dress is gorgeous and very classy!! I also voted for you lovely, Good Luck!! xxx


  5. why you look soooo pretty!? The dress suits you very well :) xx

  6. Wow what a sexy dress!!! Love your hair too!!!
    Cutie!!! :)

    Secret little Stars

  7. you look amazing! the dress fits you perfectly. good luck with your show... and with everything after that :)

  8. Hey, honey!
    I followed your blog via bloglovin. Please follow my blog:

  9. Love the mesh!x ♥

  10. OMG that dress is beautiful !

    Follow me now on GFC and/or BlogLovin', I always follow back :) ! X



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