T-shirt, New Look (here)
Dungaree Jumpsuit, Boohoo (here)

Photographs taken by Rachel Cottam, website & twitter

I'm so excited that the weather has been so sunny recently, it seems to make everything a little better. I've been really busy with uni work and now have officially finished! I've also been to Manchester a few times recently, including last night when I went to see Katy Perry at the M.E.N which was so amazing!! I got the tickets for a Christmas present from my boyfriend and it was the best present ever! Katy Perry has such an incredible voice and put on a wierd and wonderful show, i'd definitely recommend going to see her!

This portrait shoot was from about a month ago and I've been dying to show you all! Rachel Cottam took the photos and i'm in love with them! The location looks so lovely and is only about a minute walk from my house!

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  1. I love you blog ! So chic and stylish xx

  2. Ohh your hair looks beautiful! xx

  3. so beautiful, love your hair
    here are my latest posts

  4. 1) envious of your gorgeous hair!
    2) SOOO envious of your katy perry ticketsss!!

  5. Your hair look so gorgeous!

  6. You're curls are so bouncy and perfect! Love your style babe.

    Catherine xx

  7. Your hair to so pretty, I wish mine looked that - lovely outfit

    Ally x

  8. nice photos, you're so beautiful, gorgeous... you have a very beautiful hair! lucky you :)
    hope we can keep in touch and follow each other on GFC or bloglovin, let me know, i will follow u back :)

  9. you look sooo pretty!!! Love your shiny hair too <3 xx

  10. This is such a beautiful look, love your hair!!! xo

  11. Your look is gorgeous! I love your hair as well


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