Clashing Florals// Festival Fashion

Fedora// Ebay £5
Sunglasses// Primark £2
Kimono// Primark £13
Bag// H&M £6
Floral Tshirt// Primark £8
White Denim Shorts// Primark £10
Cleated Sandals// Ebay £20

I feel like summer is finally here, this morning I woke up and the sun was shining! I'm so excited that it's finally getting warmer too! As I promised, I recently photographed my festival outfits which i'm thinking of wearing at Park Life in Manchester a week today. I'm so excited!!!

I think it's quite important to wear something stylish yet not too precious at festivals just in case your shorts get muddy or you lose your jacket. That's why this outfit didn't cost a bomb and is mostly from Primark! I also want to make a point in this post that fashion doesn't have to cost your entire wage. If you want something stylish that you won't wear often then why pay so much? I buy lots of my clothes from Ebay and get so many bargains without sacrificing the quality.

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  1. You look great! I'm going to my first festival this year and I definitely won't be taking anything too precious! I love your white sandals, by the way x

  2. "stylish but not too precious" too true! perfect festival/concert advice. love your sandals :)

  3. love everything! amazing shoes x

  4. I love your kimono, the clashing prints in this are just perfect x

  5. OMG I love your shoes !!!
    Saskia! xo

  6. I love these bright colours! You've got serious style :)

    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog for a chance to win a colourful floral skort if you're interested :D

    Gabby @ What She Buys

  7. This is a wonderful festival look!
    so cool
    x Sandra

  8. You have gorgeous hair! It is so pretty! Fabulous outfit too!

    Please check out my style too! xoxo



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