Rainy Summer Days

Fedora//Ebay Sunglasses//Primark Cross Necklace//New Look Fur Lined Kimono//Shout White Crop Top//Shout Blue Bodycon Skirt//Primark Socks//Primark Boots//Topshop

Hello lovelies, I hope you have all had an amazing week! I've been literally working non stop at my two jobs but I've been trying really hard to fit some time in to keep up to date with the blog too! I have my degree show this Wednesday which I'm so excited about! I'll be posting the flyer on Twitter soon if anyone is interested, it should be amazing!
Though it's strange, it doesn't feel like the end of an era because I've had no break between finishing uni and getting a job in the fine art industry. I don't think it's actually sunk in that I've finished uni yet. When it does i'll probably cry.

This outfit was taken on a rainy day, a bit like today actually! I've been dying to post this fur lined kimono on my blog so finally, here it is! I think it was about £40.00 from Shout and I wore it all through Autumn and Winter. Now that it's summer I think it's still acceptable to wear, and looks great with day dresses or fitted minimal outfits like this one.

My next post (finally) will be a post about a music festival which I went to last weekend in Manchester so watch out for that! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Just, Wow. You look incredible Emma x


  2. I love that blue skirt teamed with chunky boots! You look gorgeous :) xx


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  4. love this - you look beautiful and the skirt colour is wicked x

  5. love this outfit, skirt is so gorgeous x


  6. Nice outfit! Love the skirt!
    - Keyta


  7. I really love that oversized coat! You look pretty as always <3

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