Event// Art Exhibition

Fedora// Ebay (similar)
Choker// Ebay (here)
Beatles Tee// Primark (here)
Black Biker Jacket// Topshop (here)
Monochrome Patterned Skort// West Coast (similar)
Tights// New Look (here)
Metallic Satchel// Topshop (similar)
Black Cleated Boots// Topshop (similar)

You may know if you follow my Twitter that I'm an artist and have just finished my art degree. (I got a 2:1 by the way, YAY!) My degree show was just over a month ago, and last Thursday I went to the second year degree show which was amazing! It's so sad to realize that I won't be seeing most of the people from my degree again, but I had an amazing time and got some fantastic career opportunities out of it.

The night overall was really fun, there were music acts on, a little shop selling art work, drinks and an art auction! I also found a really cool place not far from the exhibition to take outfit photos after - I absolutely love graffiti! I wore my new Skort from West Coast which will be appearing on the blog next week too! And I wore it with my old Beatles Tee, Leather Jacket from Topshop and my Fedora. I love dressing in monochrome at the moment, and I add my choker to literally every outfit I can, just like Lydia from Fashion In Flux. I literally love her blog!

If you're interested in seeing a little bit of what I did in my degree, have a look at my website here!


  1. I love your outfit! You look fab :)) xx

  2. congrats on getting a 2:1 - i just got my own!! YAY being graduates now!!


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