The Palm Print Coord

Tattoo Choker//Ebay (here)
Velvet Choker//Ebay (similar)
Palm Print Bralet//Missguided (here)
Palm Print Midi Skirt//Missguided (here)
White Cleated Platform Heels//Ebay (here)

Recently I bought this gorgeous Pink & White Palm Print Coord from Missguided and I absolutely love it! I  wore this on a night out last weekend and it was so comfortable and easy to wear. I hate it when you go on a night out and have to constantly pull your dress down or lift up your straps. Thankfully none of those annoying problems arose whilst wearing this. I styled my coord with these amazing White Cleated Heels from Ebay which were just under £7.00! I have to admit that they are a little small so they will need breaking in around the house, but they're comfortable, sturdy and so pretty!

I'm thinking of buying some pom-pom co-ords or a pom-pom playsuit, let me know if there's any good ones out there!


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