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When I'm on a beach holiday, my wardrobe becomes much more simplistic. I forget about jewelry and heels, and focus more on comfort and wearing colours that will show off my tan. Well, there's nothing worse than wearing something too tight or restricting in really hot weather is there? That's why I've picked out a couple of items which would be perfect for slipping on over a bikini by the pool. Pink, coral and white are my holiday go-to colours, and tropical print, floral crowns and white lace are my favourite holiday trends. Wearing lace in summer reminds me of the boho chic goddess Vanessa Hudgens, who doesn't love her style?

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  1. Hello lovely, thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

    Great post, thanks for sharing - awesome clothes, so stylish!

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    Thank you :) x

  2. Those shorts are so cute!!! I wish I'd seen these before my holidays!!! PS - loving your look in the previous post! So hot! xxx

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  3. Lovely items!!! Amazing colors so cute xxx
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  4. That bathing suit is so pretty! And same with the shorts!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  5. Good designs, when summer comes is best to have a wide arrange of clothes ready for every ocassion, like beach bags and other accessories.


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