The Cleated Sole Trend

1. Ebay (similar)
2. Ebay (similar)
3. Primark (similar)
4. Primark, Sold Out (similar)
5. River Island, Sold Out (similar)

The Cleated Sole Trend is one of my favourites for SS14 and one that I'll definitely be carrying to AW14 this year. As well as being so comfortable because of the huge platform, cleated sole heels are unlike any other trend I've seen. I have to admit, there are some pretty ugly versions but the good ones definitely outweigh the bad ones. Plus there are so many variations and each style can come in so many colours, from black or white to metallic or patterned. I personally love white cleated heels and I'm thinking of buying my 7th pair soon. These gorgeous heels from Spy Love Buy are my favourite cut of all the cleated sole trend, I'll definitely be spending my birthday money on them!

I can't believe it's my 21st birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy tomorrow! Happy birthday to meeeee!


  1. swoon, so many cute shoes. love the cleat details on the sandals. and happy birthday greetings.

  2. O my gosh... I love all of these shoes! My favourite ones are the cleated monochrome heels, they are gorgeous.

    Hope you have a lovely 21st birthday! :)

    Love From Twinkle

  3. I adore the third and forth pair, cleated soles make shoes look soooo much better. x

  4. I loveeee cleated soles.. I think I'll have to buy myself a pair of cleated sole boots for winter! :)) Also, i hope you had an amazing birthday! xo

  5. I actually can't believe the first pair was from EBay. They are so cute!!!
    And Happy Birthday!!

    timid lioness blog

  6. Thanx Emma for the lovely comment on my blog! x I'm SO jealous of your shoes, I need them :) you now have a new follower


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