I know I don't usually do these lifestyle kind of posts, but I thought as a nice change I would take you along with me on a day trip from last week when I went to Manchester with Rachel, who takes my blog photos. I've been going to Manchester a lot recently, it's such a cool city with lots of quirky shops and lovely restraunts. Speaking of Manchester I actually went last night to Red Hot World Buffet on Deansgate to celebrate my graduation and it was AMAZING!

My first stop was the Arndale, which had a fashion show in the center believe it or not! I didn't stay for the whole show but I always love a good catwalk. The AW high street collection was really classy and I loved every outfit.

After a good old Nando's we headed to Afflecks palace in the northern quarter to go vintage shopping. I ended up buying a green tartan blazer from Pop Boutique, which is almost the exact same as one I tried on in River Island. Afflecks also had an impressive selection of jewelry and cute little bedroom decorations! I ended up getting a choker and peace necklace which I'm wearing in the first photo.

Then we headed to Manchester Art Gallery. I always enjoy the contemporary section, and so I was gutted with the contemporary section was closed, apart from the one room of contemporary art that doesn't change. Nevertheless the traditional art work inspired me and made me think about life, history and how times have changed. It also made be buy a new sketch book, as I hadn't put pen to paper since I finished my art degree 5 months ago, whoops!


  1. Looks like a lovely day! That vintage shop is gorgeous :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. that museum has such an interesting design! was that photo of the pictures taken from the balcony?


  3. Such a lovely look - gorgeous pictures!! :)

    Layla xx



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