There has been endless videos and reviews online of Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes, and now I know why! Throw away your fake lashes girls and get yourself Younique's brand new product! Not only do your lashes double in size, but the length and thickness stays all night long!

When I received the mascara I was shocked to see there was two! Why would I need two mascaras? Well, in the set you get transplanting gel which thickens your lashes and a natural fibers wand which gives you the length. So, first you put your own base on (I used Rimmel London's Scandal eyes retro glam.) Then you put a few layers of the transplanting gel on, doing one eye at a time, as it is crucial that your lashes stay wet until the last stage where you use the natural fibers wand. I've watched a few videos where they went back over their lashes again with the transplanting gel, and then the fiber wand again but I didn't need to. After my normal two layers of mascara my lashes doubled in length and looked better than ever!


  1. Ah I desperately want to try this! seen so much about it

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. I definatley want to try this!
    if anybody wants to0, i'd really appreciate if you went and checked out my blog! im a new blogger and i'm really enjoying it!

  3. your lashes look amazing :)

    Leah ||


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