1. When did you begin to love makeup?

I first started wearing makeup after receiving some mascara as a Christmas present when I was about eleven or twelve. I used to always see girls in school covering their spots or blemishes with concealer, and making their eyes pop with black mascara, so I was really curious to see what I would look like with makeup on. Would it make me pretty or more confident? I hoped so. I guess I looked up to the beautiful women in the media and wanted to be just like them.

2. How do you feel without makeup?

If i'm honest I never leave the house without makeup, not even to go to the gym. Although I think my complexion is not the worst when i'm makeup free, I just feel self-concious and more wary of what people will think of me.

3. What do you like about makeup?

I'm not the most talented or experimental blogger with makeup, and always go for neutral tones and no false lashes, but I love that it gives me confidence and makes me look the best I can be. I was really inspired by Nikkie's Tutorial which kick started #ThePowerOfMakeup tag, and I truly believe that makeup is nothing to be ashamed of. In an article I read in The Telegraph online, Nikkie rightly added that most people think you wear makeup for boys or because you're insecure, and although it may have started out for that reason with a lot of young women, I now wear makeup for myself, because I want to be confident and because I love how it makes me feel.

4. Three holy grail items:

If i'm honest I have never really ventured into trying new brands of makeup, i'm actually pretty boring, always sticking to whatever is available in Boots. I love my Nivea Express Hydration Primer for sensitive skin, and find that Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Foundation gives me just the right amount of coverage. The one thing I never leave the house without wearing is my liquid winged liner. At the moment i'm using Rimmel London's Exaggerate liner though I must admit, i've never tried a liner that's make me think 'wow i'm going to repurchase this until I die'.

Please do let me know if you guys have an amazing liquid eyeliner that I need to try!


  1. You look so beautiful with and without makeup <3 <3

  2. lovely post!
    check out my blog + follow back?

    Jess | wildvagabondss.blogspot.com

  3. You indeed have a very good complexion ! I used to be like you, couldn't leave house withou at least eyeliner on. And then I worked for a year and a half for Hollister - make up free policy. At first, I thought I was a monster around these ladies looking gorge with no make up on. And then I started to realise that fuck I looked ok without eyeliner or mascara or blush or lipstick. Now, I'm not working there anymore and I feel more confident on going out without make up, I kind of even like it. But I do feel more powerful when I have dreamy eyelashes thanks to my wonderful mascara or lips to die for thanks to my MAC lipsticks !



  4. I love Nikkie Tutorials and I was so in love with the video she made. I'm the exact same about leaving the house, I feel naked without my makeup. You look fantastic with and without, I love how you feel about makeup, its such an empowering thing that is so misinterpreted!

    Eloise x // www.mallowbeauty.co.uk

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