When browsing on my favourite fashion blogger sites I always love reading their 'About Me' section to find out more about the girls behind the lense... After all, we're all just normal people aren't we? So just in case any of you guys wanted to know a little more about me, here's 10 things you probably didn't know already:

1. I'm definitely more of a cat person than a dog person, and if you have me on Snapchat (my username is emmareay1), you'll probably know that i'm 100% obsessed with my little fur ball. Her name is Pixie and she's adorable!

2. I own more than 30 pairs of shoes but I actually only wear about 5 pairs of them. Most of them are in boxes in the bottom of my wardrobe but I don't dare throw them out.

3. Blogging events terrify me. I have been to two events in my two years of blogging and although I really enjoyed them, it's the fact that I have to turn up on my own and awkwardly try and make friends so I don't have to stand on my own. Saying that... I attended an AX Paris event a year ago and met some of my favourite bloggers which was super exciting (but still scary).

4. I have to wear glasses believe it or not! I'm short sighted, and although I take blog photos and go on nights out without them on, I can't live without them especially when i'm watching TV or going shopping.

5. I read tons of beauty blogs but I hate trying out new beauty products in case I don't like them. I get that's the point as most bloggers review the products but I guess i'm just happy wearing Rimmel London.

6. My natural hair colour is ash blonde, and I only dye my hair about 3 times per year. If i'm honest I don't really like going to the hairdressers as I have to be there for at least 3 or 4 hours because my hair is so long.

7. At age 22 I've just found out i'm allergic to dairy! Dairy products used to give me eczema when I was a baby and for some unknown reason it's popped back up again! Goodbye chocolate :(

8. I'm obsessed with shopping and there's nothing I love than a good shopping trip to empty my bank, but I never like paying more than £5 for one item. That's probably why i'm in love with Ebay.

9. I'm an artist and in my spare time I love to make mixed media fashion collages!

10. If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be sandwiches. There's nothing I love more than a good old ham sandwich on a granary baguette.


  1. i love these style posts so much, they are really interesting! lovely post <3 xx


  2. I love learning more about my favourite bloggers, such a great post!x

    Electra Violet ||

  3. It was great to get to read a little more about you. I also recently learned as an adult that I am not only lactose intolerant, but also have fructose malabsorption and acid reflux! I feel so old :( I am also more of a cat person and definitely do not wear all the shoes I own - funny how that always seems to happen, huh?

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  4. I love your jacket!
    This is such an interesting post, I agree with a lot of what you said, especially being a cat person!
    Great blog!

  5. i love these style posts so much, they are really interesting! lovely post.
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  6. What a lovely outfit! This post is great - it is always good when you can get to know other bloggers :) Hehe I am totally with you on the shoe issue! x

    Colour Me In Blog

  7. I love these kinds of posts, its so interesting getting to know fellow bloggers! Such a shame you cannot eat chocolate, it must be a nightmare when you have a craving!



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