Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday ensemble, a chic wedding guest dress or a classic outfit for your graduation day, look no further than Sherry London. After wearing any old thing for my 22nd birthday last week, looking back on the photos I realized I really should have made more of an effort… being a fashion blogger and all. So ever since, I’ve literally been obsessed with trying to find the perfect dress. One that I can hang in my wardrobe and pull out for every posh occasion I attend… But after discovering Sherry London, I had to narrow it down to six. Someone help me get down to one?

Sherry London sell the most amazing Cocktail Dresses, PromDresses and Evening Dresses I have ever seen. My favourites definitely aren’t the most subtle dresses, but who wants to blend in anyway? I love the intricate lace detailing, bold embellishment and intricate designs that make the investment well worth the price tag.

Head over to Sherry London and get ready to have your mind completely blown away!


  1. Great post! Gorgeous dresses! Happy belated birthday and even though you didn't wear a new, fancy dress, I bet you looked beautiful :)

    Xoxo, Shelly

  2. Great post! Would be fab if you could go and visit

  3. OMG I wish I had seen this for my 21st absolutely gorgeous pieces- hope you had a fab birthday xx

  4. Happy belated birthday and even though you didn't wear a new, fancy dress.
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  5. Nice post.

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