Even though summer doesn't officially end until 22nd September, the constant rain and chilly weather means that i've already started to build up my autumn wardrobe. I recently picked up a couple of transitional pieces for when it's warm but still gloomy, including a couple of sleeveless jackets, khaki cigarette pants and monochrome patterned tops, just like this gorgeous palm print one. I found it when I was scrolling through the Dress Link website and I found myself lusting over almost every lace, colour block and off the shoulder top... Though if i'm honest I should probably start to buy wooly jumpers soon... I'm determined to find one with a cat on it!

Last week it was almost in the 20's, so I felt like getting the last wear out of my sunglasses and denim shorts was only fair. This summer I've been super obsessed with reflective shades, and these new green beauties added something really sassy to my collection. So if you're looking for something edgy yet affordable to add to your autumn wardrobe, make sure you head over to Dress Link for tons of trendy pieces!


  1. Love this monochrome look! I can't get enough of the palm tree print. I'm totally with you on building up transitional pieces, damn the British summer being so rubbish :( x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  2. I feel like I need to get way more use out of my summer clothes too! Bring on autumn though! Loving the monochrome (obviously), you look fab!

    Made In The 1990's.

  3. Love this outfit! The print on the top is gorgeous and the green hue of the sunglasses is so lovely. This is such a nice last of summer OOTD but it's such a shame the weather has given up on being summery xx
    Charlotte's Road

  4. So cute! Love the sunglasses and choker! ♡

  5. love love love this! you look amazing!

  6. Awesome..


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