Can you believe this entire outfit is either vintage, an old charity shop find or an Ebay bargain? Sometimes it's great to save the pennies and style some of your old clothes into an outfit. I'm definitely guilty of buying something new, then forgetting all about it once i've worn it, or even just wearing it on my blog then totally forgetting I had even bought it. I recently had a huge clear out and have given loads of things to my local charity shop just so I can make a little more space... So since I'm in a rambling kind of mood tonight, I thought I would share my top three tips for finding the best vintage bargains.

1. Ebay is literally a gold mine, and a total godsend for when you're looking for something new to wear but you don't have much spare cash. First of all, when I'm searching through Ebay I often find unbranded bargains by searching "Size 10", "Wool Coat" or "Patterned Shirt" and selecting "Lowest price first". About 50% of the time you might get old fashioned used items that you're not really interested in, but sometimes you might stumble across a listing that's worth looking at. When users are new to Ebay their photos may be blurry and out of focus, and the title may say something really vague like "Brown Scarf", but it's those items that you need to click into, and decide if they're what you're looking for. It's these vague titled listings that get ignored by most users, therefore you're more likely to win it. And most of the time it's these listings that start at £0.99!

2. Everyone is guilty of this at some point, but i've slowly kicked the habit of being a brand snob. Sure I love a good Topshop skirt or Missguided jacket, but I've learned that used and unbranded clothing can be just as trendy if you know what you're looking for. Quite often I browse all of the high street shops looking for key trends for the upcoming season, then head to charity shops to find similar items. I've bought so many fur coats, wooly jumpers and shirts for winter from charity shops  this season, and I kid you not, you will never pay more than £10 for a jacket if you look in the right places.

3. And finally, there's no shame in asking to borrow clothes from your friends or family for a special occasion. Want to borrow your sister's bag for an upcoming wedding or your mum's new biker for that shopping trip? All you have to do is ask! A great idea could also be to swap items between friends. I've done this tons of times and it's a great way to update your wardrobe while also making space.

Do you have any money saving tips for updating your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!


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