White Fluffy Jumper, Select (similar) | White Sheer Shirt, Primark (similar) | Green Statement Necklace, Primark (similar) | Green A-Line Skirt, Vintage (similar) | White Platform Heels, Shusule (here)

Halloween weekend is over & we can finally start looking forward to Christmas!!! But does anybody else feel like it was 2 minutes ago since it was summer, and we were all obsessed with pastels, pretty cropped two pieces and bikinis? So even though it's Autumn, does that really mean I need to wear black all the time?

Today I decided to style some summery pieces into an Autumnal look, not only saving myself money but also getting a little more creative and trying to think outside of the box. I picked up this cropped white fluffy jumper at the end of Summer and have brought it firmly into my Autumn wardrobe by layering it with a shirt. I think it brings a little more formality to the jumper, while making it quite playful with the statement necklace that ties in with my vintage green skirt. For the past few weeks I've been living in jeans and jumpers, so it was nice to be girly again by wearing a skirt. The way I've recently worked skirts into my wardrobe now it's getting a little nippier is to opt for knee length skirts, especially in the day time when you want to cover up more.

I'd love to know your tips for working your summer items in the colder months!


  1. I'm getting Scream Queens vibes from this outfit, I love it! :) xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I had to Google what Scream Queens was ha!! x

  2. Omg this is the cutest look ever - such gorgeous retro vibes - I would wear this from head to toe!!

    Gabby xo

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