Tan Suede Tassle Jacket, CN Direct* (here) | Over The Knee Boots, CN Direct* (here) | Tartan Scarf, Ebay (similar) | Suede Brown Dress, Primark (similar) | Black Medium Handbag, Primark (similar)

Embracing my inner Boho love with a triple suede ensemble seemed like a great way to embrace Autumn and compliment the pretty orange leaves on the ground... So if you weren't loving this season's frosty mornings, bare trees and long nights, hopefully you will now!

As soon as I ordered this Suede Tassle Jacket from CN Direct, I just knew it would be perfect to team with my trusty Primark suede dress that so many of you guys invested in earlier this year. The Cowboy-esque tassles and boyish fit, make for a super comfortable Autumn jacket that can easily be layered with a thick cable knit and high waisted jeans, but switching it up with Over The Knee Boots and a fitted dress seemed like a great way to experiment with my wardrobe.

So if you're searching for the perfect Autumn cover up for half the high street price, head to CN Direct for tons of winter bargains!


  1. every single part of your outfit needs to jump into my wardrobe, love it all! such a gorgeous colour palette too:)

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter

  2. Loooove your jacket styled with tartan I didn't think of that with my suede jackets and an idea i may borrow ;) xxx


  3. Love the plaid scarf and the bag.

  4. you have styled this outfit so well! stunning photos too <3 x

  5. Love the pictures, the background and the outfit are so so gorgeous!!


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