Shopaholics like me, (and probably 99% of you guys), love to splash the cash on new trendy pieces every payday, or maybe even every weekend. But with Christmas and New Year creeping up on us, sometimes our money doesn’t stretch quite as far as the other months in the year. After buying presents for my friends and family, and putting money away for those New Year’s celebrations, I’ve been left with almost no money at all for a pretty outfit to bring in the New Year… But what if you could buy now and pay later?
You get cars, mobile phones and household gadgets on finance, but have you ever thought of paying for your new clothes that way? Until now, I had never really given this idea a second thought, but after being introduced to Shop2Day, and their wide range of Online Catalogues, giving you easy access to big names without having to pay the hefty price tag straight away, I’m seriously considering it.
I’ve always been one for buying low priced items on Ebay, or shopping in the sales at my local shopping centre, but online shopping has always been my go-to, stress free way of updating my wardrobe. Buying this way can not only expand my budget for clothing and gadgets on my ever growing wishlist, it can also open me to a range of stores within the catalogues that I have not even discovered yet!
Shop2Day isn’t just a huge supplier of catalogues featuring women’s clothing, including casual wear, swimwear and wedding attire, it also features tons of pay monthly deals on men’s fashion, electrical appliances and furniture, which is perfect for those first time buyers who don’t already own a house full of goods like myself.
So if you’re looking for a smarter way of shopping in 2016 keep Shop2Day in mind!

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