Suede Tassle Jacket, CN Direct* (here) | Button Down Corduroy Dress, Yoins* (here) | Camel Fedora, Primark (similar) | Striped Fur Stole, Boohoo (similar) | Black Over The Knee Boots, Ebay (similar)

For as long as I can remember I've been a big lover of sales shopping, bidding on Ebay and getting the most out of my money whatever or wherever I'm buying. So today I thought I would do something a little different and let you in on a few secrets of mine on how to shop smarter.

First of all, I hardly ever impulse buy. When I stumble across something in a shop that I fall in love with, no matter what the price is, I never take the leap and snap it up there and then. I think it's crazy paying for a jacket that's £50 or more, when there could be exactly the same jacket on Ebay, or a really similar version in Primark for less than half the price. Writing it's description on your phone & looking it up later online is one of the biggest and easiest ways to save the £££.

For basic jumpers, black jeans and all of the wardrobe staples you need, Charity Shops are a great place to head. Most sell good quality items from shops like Next, Marks & Spencer and sometimes Topshop. And to give you an idea of how cheap things actually are, jeans are usually around £3.99 and jumpers around £2.99! British Heart Foundation is one of my favourites, though most second hand shops sell practically the same stuff.

And finally, my biggest love of all has to be Ebay. The thrill of a bidding war excites me more than it should, and it soon becomes addictive! If you're looking for a certain item, let's say for example, a that black shearling jacket that you saw in Topshop, search 'Black shearling jacket 10' (or whichever size you require), and set it to show the lowest price & shipping first. Then, keep an eye out and once it gets to about 6 seconds before the listing ends, place your bid & you're almost guaranteed to win. So instead of the expensive brand new jackets that are way out of your price range, you'll get all of the Primark, H&m or Boohoo copies that are used, but probably 1/5 of the price.

So when it's payday at the end of this month, make sure you think before you buy. You really can get more for your money when you shop smart.


  1. The one thing I miss about living at university is the sheer amount of amazing charity shops there! They're all rubbish back home. I've found some fab things over the years!
    I absolutely love this outfit (especially the fedora!) you look so wintery!

    Sophie | DenimMondays

  2. Ebay is great for finding things! Especially if you don't get it when it's in shops, have you heard of Goofbay? It's a website where you can put in bids and it will automatically put it in with 2 seconds left! TheBrondeGirl

  3. What a great pictures, you have fantastic cameraman.

  4. Wow!! Love everything about this look.


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