Crimson Fur Cape, Boohoo Boutique (similar) | Red Fedora, Primark (similar) | Burgundy Bodycon Jumper Dress, H&M (similar) | Tights, Primark (similar) | Burgundy Chelsea Boots, Clarks* (similar) | Black Bag, Primark (similar) | Fluffy Keyring, Helen Moore (here)

Recently I've been feeling pretty unmotivated about my wardrobe, the topics I write about and basically, the way I dress in Winter. I think most of us will be going through a stage where you can either freeze to death wearing something awesome, or sacrifice looking 100% on trend to keep warm. Since starting my new job in a lovely (but pretty cold) office, plus the fact that Lancashire has been covered in snow the past week, I've been ditching the pretty boots, dresses and biker jackets, and opting for something a little more comfy and warm... and usually black. Which is great for every day life, but as a fashion blogger, I feel the need to be on point 99% of the time, which is pretty unrealistic.

On the day I took these photos, it was around 5 degrees, windy and had just stopped raining, so a huge faux fur coat and wooly tights seemed like the best option to go for. Slowly but surely, I've been experimenting with Winter fashion, and although it's not my favourite season of the year, I'm determined to make it work!

And before I forget, I'm selling this Boohoo fur coat & tons of winter goodies over on my Ebay here! (All items are £1-£2.50)


  1. I love all the different tones of burgundy/wine color!


  2. I'm really feeling the same problem at this point in the year! Love all the burgundy on you x

  3. That coat is just absolutely beautiful, you look stunning Emma! x

  4. I love that coat and the burgundy shades are beautiful! x

  5. I totally get that feeling, I'm so fed up of winter now! Slowly restarting my wardrobe! xx

  6. What a pretty cape I love the burgundy colour and it is perfect for keeping chic and warm in the winter x

  7. This color looks so perfect on your complexion. Love it :)

    Purely Me by Denina Martin

  8. Love love the color of that jacket and dress!

    Heba xx || The Heba

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