Khaki Waterproof Jacket, Lighthouse Clothing* (here) | Acid Wash Jeans, Jailbird Jeans* (here) | Black High Neck Jumper, Vintage (similar)

Escape. It can be found in the most unlikely places. Whether it's family, work or life troubles that are getting you down, there's always a way to take your mind off things. For some it's a good old fashioned chocolate bar and a chick flick, for others its a vigorous workout at the gym... and for me? It's a gentle breeze, a beautiful sunny day and a silent stroll on a beautiful hill top.

The days are getting warmer as Spring is fast approaching, and the urge to go on an outdoor adventure is becoming more apparent.  So in preparation of my upcoming countryside escapes I couldn't think of anything better than this adorable waterproof jacket from Light House. I'm ashamed to say, I don't actually own one waterproof coat with a hood, so investing in a good quality jacket that can protect me from all kinds of harsh weather conditions that good old England gives us is essential.
Light House Clothing is inspired by the wild Irish sea, and the beautiful shoreline and coastal living, and with each and every page of their website showcasing pretty coastal imagery and inspirational quotes, it's hard not get inspired by the outdoor life they promote.

So if you're looking for a quirky vibrant parka, a classic waterproof jacket or a festival cover-up for summer, make sure you check out Light House Clothing!


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