Camel Duster Coat, Vintage (similar) | White High Neck Jumper, Vintage (similar) | Necklace, Ebay (here) | Camel Fedora, Primark (similar) | Denim Skirt, Vintage (similar) | Grey Perpex Heel Boots, Ebay (here)

Dressing minimal is something I'm not used to, but it's definitely growing on me. I've found myself being inspired by simple camel two-pieces, plain cosy jumpers and dainty necklaces when browsing my favourite online stores. The whole concept looks classy and somehow more expensive, even when i'm wearing a jacket that was just £3, a jumper that was also £3, and a skirt that was £4.. Bargains of the century!

The two matching camel shades bring this whole look together, and I really love how a plain high neck jumper looks with a simple gold chain. I'll definitely be turning my wardrobe into more of a minimalistic and modern themed collection for the upcoming Spring season. Who's with me?


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