Black Fedora, Primark (similar) | Cat Eye Sunglasses, Vintage (similar) | Keyhole Cut Out Glitter Top, Topshop (similar) | Burgundy Suede Jacket, Boohoo (similar) | Gold Belt, Primark (similar) | Oxblood Leather Skirt, H&M (similar) | Tortoise Shell Heel Boots, Ebay (similar)

I go through phases of being inspired by fashion trends, blogs and the people who I follow on social media. There may be times when I don't blog for a week, then the next week I'll be blogging every other day, and I've come to terms with that. I have never been somebody who has to stick to a schedule, or who gets stressed out because they havn't scheduled a post in a couple of days. This may not work for some, but it's definitely a routine that works for me. I've never wanted to sacrifice my content because I'm worried I will lose followers or get less views because I havn't been keeping my social media or blog up to date. So if you're struggling with motivation and need a few tips, here's a couple of ways I have kept myself motivated for the past two years:
1. Blog when you're motivated. It's okay to not be inspired, or to miss a couple of days to keep on track with the other things that are happening in your life. I work full time, so if I come home and feel like blogging, great! If not, that's great too! Spending too much time on your blog when you really want to be elsewhere will make an impact on your blog, whether you notice it or not.

2. Switching things up is the best thing you can do. I became uninspired with my Instagram feed around a month ago. I was stuck with the same old filters and a boarder which I grew to hate. But I was scared of changing. So one day, after watching a youtube video on how some other bloggers edited their Instagram photos, I deleted all of my editing apps and started with a clean slate. Now I'm 100% motivated with Instagram, and have grown to love my feed with each post I create.
In terms of blogging, collaborating with different photographers and switching up the type of locations you shoot in is something which I've been doing recently, and I've been so much happier with how my photos have turned out.

3. Something which I'm planning on doing very soon is to create lots of varied posts. I find street style outfits are my favourites to create, so changing the topics I write about is a step forward which I'm excited to take. So if you're posting similar things a lot of the time, why not blog about who inspires you, collaborate with up and coming brands, step out of your comfort zone and try a new trend you've been loving, or make a wishlist based on a particular brand, season or theme.


  1. Okay so you are looking super smoking girl, these colours really suit you!!! I love your tips too I definitely want to start a fresh with my actual insta really like sometimes I post to post? Bad reason xxx


    1. It literally feels so good to switch up your routine and try something new! Thanks girl x

  2. Love this post, really interested me as I'm currently out of motivation for my blog but my inspiration is coming back! Will deffo be using these tips. Also,you look gorgeous!

    1. I hope they help you Frankee, they really worked for me! x


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