Gold Heart Charm Bracelet, Petits Trésors* (here) | Black Off The Shoulder Top, Pretty Little Thing (similar) | Velvet Choker, Ebay (similar) 

A subtle yet meaningful bracelet is something every girl should own. It can resemble love or memories. It can make you feel happy about the past, and make you want to treasure memories which are close to your heart.

So when I was asked if I would like to personalize a bracelet from Petits Trésors, I couldn't think of anybody else than my boyfriend Jordan. We have been together for six years, and it truly feels like I have spent a life time with my best friend. We have grown and changed together over the years, from being young teenagers to working adults. My bracelet not only symbolises mine and Jordan's good times, but it symbolises the obstacles which we have overcome that have made us stronger and closer. Whenever I'm in need of company, he's always there for me, and cheers me up even when I don't want to be cheered up. And for all those times when he's not around, I can carry a dainty bracelet on my wrist which I can glace at, and it will instantly make me feel better.
I chose this beautiful personalized chain bracelet, which came in three sizes, so I was able to make sure it fitted perfectly. The layered chains make it feel super secure on my wrist, and I've got so many compliments since I've been wearing it out and about. So if you're interested in choosing a piece of personalized jewellery to remind you of somebody close to your heart, take a look at Petits Trésors!


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