When you're heading on holiday, light material, bold patterns and bright colours are a must in my book. There's nothing worse than bringing a thick/tight pair of denim shorts away with you, only to head back to your hotel 5 minutes later to change into something that you won't overheat in. So even though I'm not heading anywhere sunny this year, the amount of playsuits I've seemed to accumulate over the past month that are holiday-worthy is pretty big, so I'm going to be sharing my best bargains with you!

 A couple of days ago I wore this gorgeous Gamiss playsuit for the first time. Thankfully we were having a pretty hot day in Lancashire, but this playsuit kept me nice and cool all day long. Sometimes, when you order something for as little as £6, the material can be hit-and-miss, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received a lightweight yet opaque, soft cotton romper. It's also a really flattering cut, as it pulls you in at the waist while also showing off your collar bones with the quirky off the shoulder cut. I also delved into buying my first pair of knee high sandals while shopping on their site. The design is beautiful and perfect for festivals, though I must admit, if you don't tie them super tight they do fall down! The last item I well and truly fell in love with when I pulled it out of the packaging. This gold necklace is super cute, perfect for nights out or even through the day, and I love that it sits high on your neck, just like a choker.
All from Gamiss*


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