When you stalk your favourite bloggers' Instagram feeds, sometimes you subconsciously end up buying their wardrobe. I had no idea that I had (almost) literally bought the same jacket as Sarah Ashcroft until after I had bought this bomber. Has this ever happened to you?

I seem to be accumulating bomber jackets, because 1. They look awesome with everything & are great to throw on as a last minute 'that will do' moment! 2. When buying bright coloured bombers, you can keep it simple, and your outfit will always look amazing. 3. Well, it's a blogger trend, I'd be mad not to jump on the bandwagon. (Plus this one was only £12.99!) These photos were taken on a very rainy and dull day, so I kept myself warm in my Primark jeans and Select trainers, while keeping it sporty with my favourite cap from Banggood! 

I absolutely love pairing caps with bomber jackets, what do you like to wear with yours?

Baseball Cap, Banggood* (here)
Bodysuit, Wearall* (here)
Sunglasses, Firmoo* (here)
Bomber Jacket, Ebay (here)
Ripped Jeans, Primark (similar)
Trainers, Select (here)


  1. I'm loving that bomber jacket, the colour is just amazing! x

  2. It looks like a Topshop bomber but at a fraction of the price. This outfit is amazing! x

    1. I havnt shopped at TOPSHOP in so long, I used to love it, but buying more cheaper items is definitely something I prefer x


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