Happy Sunday everybody!
I feel like I don't sit down and chat with you guys enough about what's going on in my life, what I've been up to & what you are all up to too! So today I've put together an Instagram diary from the past month or so, for a much needed catch up!

First of all, I've been getting some pretty amazing bargains recently, from here there and everywhere, whether it's Ebay, an online shop or from the high street. Yes that's right, I actually went shopping last week and bought something at full price rather than an Ebay find! Above are a few of my faves laid out as how I would wear them. This Yoins Pink Suede Skirt is my favourite & I can't wait to get wearing it soon!

I finally plucked up the courage to wear my new baseball cap out, after a long try-on session with what I would wear it with. Turns out a cap looks great with a white tee, jeans and trainers! I'm also wearing my new Kylie Lip Kit here, I'm literally in love!

Moving onto more summery vibes (though it doesn't quite feel like summer yet. Rain please go away!) But seriously... how adorable is this crochet skirt? It landed on my doorstep literally two days ago, so I havn't had a chance to photograph it yet, this is how I'm going to wear it I think. The yellow jumper and bag really brings out the yellow in the daisies which is just so cute! Plus I'm going to accessorize with my minimal jewellery from Luna Pyxis. You can never go wrong with gold accessories in my opinion.
Craven Heifer Pub Lunch | Day Trip with Rachel

Jordan and I discovered our favourite pub lunch ever last month - Craven Heifer in Darwen. It may be a little pricy, but you pay for what you get & my goodness it was tasty! On the right we have a sneak peek behind the scenes of this blog shoot - changing into my outfits on the back seat isn't classy but that's how I roll.
New Look Striped Vest | Primark Stripe Basic Vest

When I went out for a Mexican lunch on Monday with my friend Sarah, we ended up going shopping in the Mall, and I picked up a couple of stripy pieces for summer. I really wanted to buy everything camo in New Look, but thought this pink stripy crop top was way more 'me'. On the right, my Primark high neck top was an absolute steal at £2! I just couldn't leave it sitting there on the hanger. You know how it is.
 Last Saturday night with Rachel & Aimee | From where I stand

Last weekend we had a girls night, and piled in our local town for a few cocktails & had the best time ever! I hadn't been out in about a month, which is quite a long time for me ha!

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  1. What a lovely post! I absolutely adore catch-up posts like this! Also, your photography is absolute goals! I just followed you on Instagram! Mine's www.instagram.com/cardiganjezebel <3 xo


    1. Thanks lovely! Feels great to switch things up & talk about life as well as fashion! I've followed you too, loving your feed girl! x


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