I'm currently sat here with blogger's block. I feel like i've been concentrating so much on photographing my outfits, picking cool locations, changing up my blog design and dealing with e-mails, that writing has taken a back seat. Sometimes, like everyone, I have tons to say, and end up scheduling 2-3 posts in one go, but sometimes, there are those days when you can't quite think of an exciting title for your post, or the only thing you have to talk about is what's in the pictures. I personally feel like it's okay to have one of those days, because we aren't always 100% happy, motivated or full of ideas.

A couple of things I always try to keep in mind when you're stuck, whether it's bloggers block, a hard decision concerning your job, family or a partner, whatever it is, just take a step back. Why rush yourself? If you don't want to write that blog post now, who's going to give you stick for it? Nobody. Making lists is always a great idea when you feel like you're overwhelmed with your work load. Even ticking one thing off your list per day is an accomplishment. Get inspired by watching your favourite Youtuber, boost your mood with a little cardio, take an hour out of your day to meet up with a friend! It's the little things that make the biggest difference... What are your best tips to get you motivated?
 Let me know in the comments below!

Red or Dead Sunglasses, Specsavers (similar) 
Denim Skirt, Topshop (similar) 
Espadrilles, Ebay (similar)

Now that little rant is out of the way, I can talk about all of the things i've been loving recently. You may have noticed i'm wearing my Zaful choker again, but this time i'm wearing it tied up in a pretty bow! I recently wrote about how verstile this choker is, and i'm always finding new ways to wear it, whether it's simply wrapped around my neck and tied in a knot at the back, wrapped once & left to hang at either side, or tied in a big bow! I also picked up yet another accessory from Zaful this week... How amazing is this black western style belt? I've been seeing these on so many bloggers and coudn't wait to get my hands on one! The pretty silver detailing is enough to spice up a simple dress, or clash with patterns and bold colours. Black accessories like these pull any outfit together. No matter how many patterns or colours you wear, with black accessories you just can't go wrong!

And finally, continuing my massive obsession with off the shoulder tops, I'm bringing you yet another beauty from Light in the Box. This adorable boho blouse is currently on sale for £6.99, and I'm 100% in love. Unlike most of my off the shoulder tops, this particular shirt has flared sleeves which I absolutely adore! I managed to balance out the loose fitting style with an a-line denim skirt which is quite fetival-eseuqe, but for those chillier summer days, I think it would look amazing tucked into white skinny jeans with a rip at the knee!


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