I feel like Britain can't make it's mind up... They give us a week of constant sunshine, then *boom* its cold, it's rainy and you're reminded that you wish you lived somewhere sunny. For the past week I've been confined to jeans, high neck tops and jackets.... It's August god dammit!

Fedora, Primark (similar)
Necklace, Ebay (similar)
Striped Tee, Primark (similar)
Espadrilles, Ebay (similar)

But enough of my ranting. I've decided to show you guys one of my day to day outfits. as I mentioned, I've been wearing jeans practically every day for a while now, but that being said, they don't have to be plain black skinny jeans do they? One of my favourite pairs for the summer months are these boyfriend jeans from CN Direct. They're super lightweight with a rugged distressed look down the front and back. I feel like these can be worn with so many different looks too! I've worn them styled casual again in this post, but I think they would look amazing with stilettos, a white crop top and a clutch. They really do make you stand out from the crowd!

Today I styled them with one of my most worn bomber jackets of the year. It was around £5, again it's super lightweight, and it's that shade of khaki that can go with 95% of my wardrobe! Along with my striped Primark tee & sunglasses, I'm slowly trying to cling onto the last few days of summer we have left!


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