Jeans aren't something I wear often on my here. When I usually style outfits for my blog, I like to go for something a little girlier, like skirts or dresses. I like to dress up, wear my favourite lipstick or a new trendy accessory. But since I wear jeans quite often for casual occasions, like going to work, or last minute shopping trips, I thought it was about time I took something old in my wardrobe, and re-invented it with new bits and pieces.

Photos by Rachel Cottam

Black Sleeveless Blazer | Light In The Box*
Striped Platform Heels | Light In The Box*
White Cut Out Bodysuit | Wearall*
Sunglasses | Ebay (similar)
Acid Wash Jeans | H&M (similar)

You guys know how much I love bargains, so you'll probably not be surpised to hear I picked up these H&M jeans from Ebay a while ago, for £3! I usually style them on my casual days with a thin knit and converse, but today I'm showing off my new bits and pieces from Light In The Box, smartening up a more casual piece and making it feel brand new again! First of all, my favourite part of the outfit has to be these pretty out-there shoes. Black and white stripes, mixed with silver & blue may sound wrong on paper, but as soon as I tried them on I was glad I took the leap of faith and ordered something I wouldn't usually go for. They're super lightweight and probably the comfiest heeled shoes I own due to the thick cushioning. The mis-matched leather feel tops are rather like some similar mules that I got from Primark last summer, but I feel like this re-vamped wacky style is way cooler than any other platforms I own!
Stepping out of my comfort zone once again, this Black Sleeveless Blazer is unlike anything I own. It's classic suit-like material made my outfit feel so much dressier, and I love how it's double-breasted with pockets; making it feel so much more expensive than it actually was! I can see this jacket looking amazing with a pair of white kick flare jeans and a red lip, but pairing it with this monochrome emsemble seemed like the safest option to go for.

How would you dress up a simple pair of black skinny jeans? I'd love to know your ideas!


  1. Great tips. Love every look!


  2. Love this! You look beautiful!

  3. These jeans look amazing on you!

    1. Thanks lovely, I can't believe how inexpensive they were! x

  4. I love how figure flattering these jeans are! I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of gray jeans myself :) XO


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