Today I thought I'd have a huge catch up with you guys! It seems like months and months since my last life catch up post, so here's some of the things I've been loving/ what I've been up to.

 Blackpool Switch On!
 For the past  three years I've been going to Blackpool Switch On every September, and at the beginning of this month, it was my fourth and favourite visit yet! They had some awesome acts performing, including Flur East, Diversity, The Vamps, Fat Man Scoop and loads more! ...Would you believe it's free too?! Me and my friend Sarah discovered Crabbies Fruit Cider which is now my favourite drink ever (FYI The Strawberry & Rhubarb is much nicer than I thought it would be). We finished off the night drunkenly playing on the beach in the pitch black, what a night!
Diet Update
I've been on and off dieting for a while now. More than a while, actually. I bought my gym membership in 2012 and since then, I've been trying to eat healthy, go to exercise classes or the gym at least two times per week. For the past year I've been the same weight, but recently I feel like I've been slacking a little bit. I'm still the same dress size, but when I eat crap, I feel less confident about my body than if I eat a salad, no matter what I look like. I feel like at the moment, drastic changes will be so hard, and to stick to something I like to ease myself into things, beause If I feel like I'm depriving myself of something, it makes me want it even more! So I'm planning to make more of my meals at home rather than eating out, make sure I go to the gym or Zumba 2-3 times per week, and remember to eat 5 fruit and veg every day of the week.
Blackpool Pleasure Beach 
Even though I no longer get a summer holiday as I work full time in Admin & Social Media, I still love to go on days out when it's sunny. So last week I took my car further than It's ever been & drove to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Being the scaredy pants I am, I've never driven more than 10 miles away from my house, and I've only ever been on the motorway once. So that day, I got out my Sat Nav app and drove 31 miles to sunny Blackpool, and I was so happy that it wasn't too scary! We went on tons of rides... even the upside down ones! It was a super fun day and my 2nd time this summer.
 Beauty Update
It may surprise you to hear, that unlike 90% of bloggers, I don't spend a lot on my makeup. I've never bought a Mac lipstick or even a product over £20 until I started buying from Kylie Cosmetics. Maybe it's her awesome selfies, maybe it's the cool design and packaging, or maybe it's because I love the Jenner sisters & I don't care who knows it! I've recently been expanding my beauty collection, and asked for some higher end beauty products for my birthday in August, so obviously now I'm hooked! I've been loving my pretty Kyshadow Kit, Dolce K Matte Liquid Lipstick, as well as Nars Blusher in Deep Throat, the Benefit Brow Zings kit and my first ever Urban Decay Naked Palette. Is it sad that I feel like a makeup pro now I own all of these things? Ha!


  1. Oh I would love that eyeshadow palette! It looks stunning! Lovely post hun, you have been super busy!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
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    1. It's such an amazing palette, I would really recommend it :) X

  2. This looks really lovely - a lovely post and looking forward to seeing more from you! :) It's so nice to see you're expanding and getting higher-end makeup too! Love that :)

    Layla xx


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